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Crypto Milled – American actress Darcy Donavan named CMO of cryptocurrency E-Coin Finance - News

E-Coin Finance (ECOIN) is a company and also a BEP-20 cryptocurrency of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) decentralized and deflationary network that has so far more than 50 thousand holders.

Founded on May 15, 2021 in London by founding partners and developers Zaid Anowar and Brazilian Ronaldo Guedes. The cryptocurrency has the purpose of providing an App Wallet that will be able to store any cryptocurrency, along with an online payment platform that will replace the conventional fiat currency and integrated with a prepaid international contactless debit card, being able to be used in any commercial establishment in the world.

Darcy Donavan started as an investor in ECOIN right at the beginning of its launch, since then began promoting the company on its social networks, which together has more than 7 million followers, bringing even more visibility to crypto, thus, its relationship with the organization was increasing more and more.

In the last 4 years the actress has started to invest in the cryptocurrency market and, in the last year, she has become more heavily involved in cryptography, NFTs, technology and metaverse, while finding ways to bring it all together through her experience in the entertainment industry.

On November 15, 2021, in an interview about her new film, Darcy revealed that she accepted the invitation to be the new Chief Marketing Officer – CMO, translating into Portuguese, the new Marketing Director of the company E-Coin Finance, being responsible for develop and execute strategies that will make E-Coin Finance one of the largest in the world in its segment, thus making it attract more holders of large acquisitive size to the project.

The new CMO said: “The world we are in now is evolving faster than ever and cryptocurrency is the next step in that evolution, putting control of our finances back in people’s hands. E-Coin Finance is building relationships and developing technology and applications that will pave the way for our future. As the new CMO of E-Coin Finance, I look forward to bringing my business and marketing experience along with the relationships I’ve built over the years to help make this happen. ”

About E-Coin Finance’s new CMO:

Darcy Donavan is a film and television actress, singer, author, model, entrepreneur, philanthropist and influencer, born in Miami, Florida and raised in Nashville, Tennessee. Starting her career in the entertainment industry as a young actress and starring in a series of national television commercials at an early age.

Darcy has appeared in roles in hit movies and television shows, including “Modern Family”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Anchorman”, “My Babysitter’s a Vampire”, “Bones”, “Six Feet Under”, “Entourage”, “Cult”, “All My Children”, “My Name is Earl”, “Las Vegas” and “Nip/Tuck”.

Also a platinum-selling artist, her second album “Distraction,” Darcy has amassed over 20 million streams online, which has helped her songs reach #1 in ringtone downloads in North America.

In 2013, Darcy was named a World Peace Ambassador.

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