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StarDawgs Hollywood Red Carpet Event Featured in Discover Hollywood Magazine

This pioneering event taking over the Los Angeles Convention Center this week will showcase the most innovative people in Web3, where celebrities and tech leaders connect! This breathtaking Gala will be held at the Iconic Hollywood Museum, where some of the most famous artifacts and movie scenes in Hollywood were filmed. In 2022, Outer Edge I LA (formerly called NFT I LA) was created to bring together the people who are at the foundation of creating the Web3 future. In 2023, they’re bringing back the epic week-long experience as Outer Edge | LA. This red carpet celebration was hosted by the most influential woman in NFTs and cryptocurrency, Darcy Donavan(@darcydonavan). #discoverhollywoodmagazine #darcydonovan #web3 #stardawgs #nft #cryptocurrency #crypto #gala #redcarpet #hollywoodmuseum #maxfactor #outeredge


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