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By Pallavi Singal - Feb 15, 2023

Darcy Donavan, Producer, Actress, Artist, creator of, founder Co-Owner of Income Island, CMO of E-Coin Finance and Author discusses the various opportunities in Web 3.0 and the metaverse for businesses and entertainment industry with Dinis Guarda in the latest episode of his YouTube Podcast Series. The podcast is powered by openbusinesscouncil, citiesabc, and fashionabc.

We are now living in the era of Web 3.0, a new version of the Internet that is focused on empowering users through decentralisation and increased efficiency. Web 3.0 is a term used to describe the evolution of the internet int

o a more interactive, connected, and data-driven environment. This third-generation internet technology has the potential to revolutionise businesses of all sizes and sectors. With the introduction of Web 3.0, businesses have been presented with a range of opportunities to capitalize on. E-Coin Finance is a crypto-based project in Web 3.0 with a decentralised and deflationary BEP 20 token. It is an online payment platform through an integrated debit card. Darcy, CMO of E-Coin Finance, told Dinis that the utility of E-Coin lies in the ability to make easy, fast, and secure payments using ECOIN balance. "I want to help build the position of E-Coins as a leading crypto coin around the world. You'll be able to use the debit card and the wallet. You'll be able to use it anywhere to buy anything", she said. The increased level of data-driven decision making and automation allows businesses to better unders

tand the needs of their customers and develop solutions that are tailored to their needs. As the internet evolves, businesses are building effective community spaces that are engaging and interactive where they can harbour authentic relationships with all the stakeholders. These spaces are thriving places to interact and engage. Darcy Donavan, an influencer with more than 7 million followers across different platforms, told Dinis: "I'm highly engaged with my community on my social media spaces. I also have great utilities attached to some NFT projects. So, I'm not just giving digital assets but utilities, like getting a role in a movie. So, I'm cutting the red tape and giving people a chance that would never have had this opportunity."


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