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30 People to Watch in Web3: Darcy Donavan — Crypto Queen & Web3's Hollywood Ambassador - Benzinga

30 People to Watch in Web3: Darcy Donavan — Crypto Queen & Web3's Hollywood Ambassador

byJustin Roberti, Benzinga Staff Writer September 11, 2023 8:55 AM | 3 min read


  • Darcy Donavan is bringing together the worlds of Web3 and Hollywood.

  • She founded StarDawgs, a production company that uses NFTs for partial funding of feature films.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you aren't aware of the waves Darcy Donavan, the "Queen of Crypto," is making in the Web3 world, you would probably still know her face.

Donavan has appeared in hit movies and television shows including, "Anchorman," "Modern Family," "Parks and Recreation," "My Name is Earl," "Las Vegas," and "Nip/Tuck," to name a few. She's now in the Web3 space and has been declared #cryptoqueen by social media communities where she's active.

Like any good queen, Donavan serves as an ambassador — in this case between Hollywood and Web3 as she works toward her upcoming feature film, which is funded with the sale of StarDawgs NFTs and through product placement, brand integration, and film investors. StarDawgs is inspired by Max, the dog that Donavan adopted from an animal shelter, whom she describes as "the guiding star" in her life. "I started my NFT company 'StarDawgs,' which is tied to movies and television shows that I am producing," Donavan said. "These NFTs are packed with utilities, including opportunities to get roles in the movies and television shows I'm producing, ETH rewards, photoshoots, tickets to IRL events, and so much more."

In an interview on Benzinga's Crypto Unlocked, Donavan said that the first red carpet event has already occurred, but another will be coming up next year.

By bringing the entertainment industry's flair and a little star power to the project, Donavan has found alternative funding for her film, taken on the role of Executive Producer, and brought some much-needed positive vibes to the space. "It has been amazing to see the growth and advancement in the Blockchain space. I have been involved in Web3 over the last seven years, and I love this family of amazing people who continue to build in Web3, whether the market is up or down," Donavan said. "That is what it will take for us to reach mass adoption, and I know it is only a matter of time before that vision comes to fruition."

Why Darcy is someone to watch in Web3…

As someone who used to direct/produce in the entertainment industry, Donavan brings some charisma to the space. In an industry dominated by technologists, investors, and economists, projects focused on people and led with charisma have big potential in Web3. And she's using her connections on both sides to bring blockchain to Hollywood.

"I am working towards fusing the worlds of entertainment and Web3 together. With this shift, there will be transparency from the executives to the employees, to the talent and investors through blockchain tech, and to also bring equality into both spaces. It will cut through red tape and open doors for those who would have never had the opportunity otherwise," Donavan said. In the next five years, Donavan hopes to have three or four films produced and released by the StarDawgs NFT Production Company. She is also part owner of the metaverse platform Income Island.

"Through the hyper-realistic metaverse Income Island, people will be able to work, enjoy entertainment on multiple levels, experience a new metaverse e-commerce, and travel through portals between metaverses, making a massive multiverse where everyone is connected."

Ultimately, Donavan hopes to create a virtual creative hub for entertainment and commerce to serve customers, artists, and brands.

"I believe that blockchain will improve life for artists by giving them power and control, in a new way. It has already given people around the world a way to become financially free or at least be able to live a better life. I believe that through Blockchain tech, we will see the largest transfer of wealth in history and it's exciting to be part of this movement. It will also protect the digital assets of the artists, which is something that is desperately needed in today's society." Donavan's ability as a creative leader in the space and emissary between the Web3 world and Hollywood makes her someone to watch in Web3.

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